ISD-5 family


Laser speed and length sensors are intended for industrial application in metallurgy, cable production, textile fabrics etc.

Measuring principle – Laser Doppler interferometry (reflected type) for direct speed measurement and length calculation based on speed integration. Precision speed and length measurements of finite or infinite moving objects relative to fixed sensor.

The sensor can be fixed on moving object ( crane, electric loader etc.) to measure its speed and displacement relative to ground

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ISD-5 family| New family of Laser SPEED AND LENGTH SENSORS
ISD-3 family

New family of Optical SPEED AND LENGTH SENSORS

The main purpose of the Sensor is high precision measurement of speed and traveling distance of the vehicle relative to ground (automotive and railroad application) and speed and length of  objects moved relative to the sensor (industrial application).

Measuring principle – raster spatial filtration of an object image, technology is patent pending.

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ISD-3 family| New family of Optical SPEED AND LENGTH SENSORS

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Our main specialization is implementation and service of systems based on the above mentioned sensors, including:

  • Contactless measurement of speed, acceleration, distance, angular velocity tilt angle of vehicles, fuel con.
  • Measurement of displacement, distance, position, angles, tilt angles, rotation angles. Implementation of laser scanners, optical micrometers. Delivery of magnetometers, electronic torque wrenches, laser speed control systems, data acquisition and processing systems.
  • Development and implementation of contactless optical speed and distances sensors for different materials (cables, metals, fabrics, paper, glass, etc.).